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Fast Divorce in Florida - Which Way To Go?  Attorney, Forms, Clinics?


Divorce in any state can seem complicated because it is not something you do everyday.  It is not something you needed to do yesterday and hopefully not something you ever need to do again.   Achieving a fast divorce in Florida is possible, more so if both parties are in agreement-and if you pick the right path to go down.  If you trying to get a fast divorce in the state of Florida and you are considering doing your own fast divorce – here are some objective helpful tips on figuring out how you want to proceed; 


Hire a Low Flat Rate Attorney


1)   Consider that in the last decade many Florida law firms began offering low flat rate fees for a fast divorce and possible you can get a fast divorce using a licensed attorney for under $500 – or thereabouts.  This does not usually include filing fees – which are generally $400 around the state – depending on the county in which you live. 


2)   Just from an emotional standpoint it would be ideal to retain an attorney when trying to do a procedure you have never done before-nor are likely to do again.  It can allow you focus on your work and what you do best – while being sure your work is correct and save you many hours of stress.  Divorce itself is stressful to some extent, so sub the paperwork duty out if you can. 


3)  If you have any assets – such as pensions or real estate, every part of those distributions need to be worded correctly and even if a Judge grants your pro se divorce it does not mean other agencies have to honor the wording of your final judgment when you are trying to get at those assets. This is not good to find out years later, as with a pension, for example, or more probable, a Quit claim to property that may not have been done right, and/or where a Final Judgment is missing specific wording for pension distribution.  So, one good reason to hire an attorney is that the judge cannot be your attorney.  Seriously consider an attorney when asset or liability division is on the table.


Cannot Afford an Attorney?  Try to Visit Your Local Court Clerk

About Pre So Clinics They May Offer


4)   Check with your local court house, many have “Pro Se” Divorce clinics and clerks that are appointed specifically to help “pro se” Divorce persons with the process.  Many also offer free Divorce classes.


5)   Your divorce filing fee can be waived if you fall under the poverty guidelines and often the Clerk can supply you with pauper forms.


6)   Try to get a copy of a divorce already granted in your county to use as your template.  Divorces are public record and this is exactly how some people “learn.” It may cost you $22 for a full copy of someone else’s recently granted dissolution-but if you are really going to do your own divorce-the Clerks cannot tell you everything and a granted dissolution can give you something to compare “what goes where.”



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Buying Forms on the Internet – Why When Florida Has Free Approved Forms?


7)      Supreme Court of Florida approved forms are available for free online. 


8)   I am not an attorney, and very pro consumer when possible.  But I find the on line forms companies lack any intimacy with the data you insert in the forms-and once again, just because something is granted, does not mean it was done right.  On-line form firms also lack accountability and the hardest part of preparing a dissolution will be the content that is put in—and no one can do that for you, but you.  Most importantly each county can vary as to every page needed.  So, whether you secure forms for free or buy a forms service, you will still have to enter the data.


9)   It is true a simple divorce in FL used to be 8 pages.  That was 23 years ago.  Now it is not so simple because financials (whether you have money, assets or not) needs to be completed by both parties-even if just to list you have none.   Financial disclosures became necessary about fifteen years ago because many people were returning to court way after their divorce was granted, arguing about items never mentioned to the court during the actual filing – that were never settled.  So, rules changed and everything must be disclosed up front.  All that to say divorces are much more involved than they were a few decades ago.  Example, a divorce with children can now be 122 pages.



Summary, you can achieve a fast divorce in FL if you are willing to spend a day or two do it-and do it right.  Depending on the county, a Divorce with no children and properly submitted paperwork can be granted within 3-6 weeks.  Some attorneys can offer faster service based on certain conditions-so another good reason to contact an attorney familiar with fast divorce processes.